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Hypocrisy rules in the UK

Hypocrisy Rules in the UK! Its time to change the law to create a safe haven for Prostitutes

Prostitution in Kirkby

There are a considerable number of Women from Kirkby who choose to work in the Worlds oldest profession, Prostitution. Many work in parts of Liverpool, there is not a red light district in Kirkby although some business is obviously carried out here. A lot of these girls are sadly only in the profession to feed addictions to drugs. This is not true of all Working Girls but it seems a great deal of the trade is because of addiction. There are many Girls who are not addicted and see the Job as a way of earning a decent living, but they are in danger because of the illegality of the trade and have little protection from the sick bastards who abuse and hurt them.

Victorian Attitude

It is a dangerous occupation for a woman to have and the work they do is undervalued by society. They are there through men's needs, and despite the fact that many of those in power use prostitutes, they never acknowledge the services rendered by passing laws which would make our Girls have some level of legitimacy. The shocking way in which these Girls are made to ply a trade which is Thousands of years old is a disgrace. We call this Country civilized yet those in Power choose to carry on with an almost Victorian attitude where matters of a sexual nature are concerned. We need to give these Women a decent place with proper provisions free from any interference by the law and afforded protection from it not harassment. I'm sure that Coppers in Kirkby are not gonna think that nicking either a Working Girl or the Customer is a good days work. I'm sure they'd breathe a sigh of relief if it was legalised.

Dangerous Occupation

We have seen a number of incidents of Girls being assaulted, and it is often said that the majority of assaults go unreported. How many prostitutes report rape? Certainly they are raped and abused yet there is an attitude which men and women have which puts these people in a lesser position than someone who does not sell their body for sex. A lot of the women who oppose any moves to legalise prostitution are perhaps the more vocal but the real power here lies with men. There are not a lot of Women Chief Constables and it seems that Police objections are the real spoiler in moves to bring about red light zones in the past.

Danielle Moorcroft age 21 Murdered

There have been a number of horrific murders of prostitutes in Liverpool and it has to be said that some of these deaths could well have been prevented if the women were allowed a safe area which was supervised. There remains an unsolved murder only recently of a Liverpool prostitute in Bolton. Danielle Moorcroft 21 was found partially naked with head injuries in a central Bolton car park on June 21st, a Saturday. Please phone the Police on 0161 856 5961 if you may have information, details of this horrific crime can be found on the Liverpool Echo's website by typing in Danielle Moorcroft in the search facility here.

Operation Angel

In 2001 an 'operation angel' a zero tolerance police move against men looking for prostitutes saw Merseyside officers arresting and taking to court a number of local men who's names all appeared in the Liverpool Echo. More than 120 people were arrested, the cost must have been over 100'000 once you take into account all the court costs and man-hours spent collaring these men. And who is to say that the very police arresting you and the Judge or magistrates aren't using prostitutes? We all know it goes on.

Sex For Sale

It's a shame sex has been reduced to a saleable commodity, but lets not live in a fantasy land where we hide from the less palatable facts of life. There has to come with any Red Light zones a proper code of conduct and strict medical supervision. A license would be the most effective way of ensuring that prostitutes behaved in a responsible manner. Licensed premises would be the best way to ensure all round safety and security. In Amsterdam the 'brothels' are strictly run and the girls pay a rent which covers wages for security and other workers. We need to create an environment whereby the safety of women who work in the sex trade is ensured by working with them. The alternative is to allow more poor Girls to be found dead in Car parks, Alleys and wasteland. A lot of prostitution is done in out of the way places because of fear of the Police. The very same Police in Holland patrol the red light zones to ensure the safety of these girls. The difference between Holland and England is that the Dutch treat their prostitutes as Human Beings. We treat them like dirt.

Red Light Zone in Knowsley

Kirkby times will be making a case for the setting up of a red light 'Amsterdam' style area in Knowsley; one of the Industrial estates would be great. The area could be supervised and policed and being out of the way it would not create problems with residents complaining. Whether Knowsley Council will take on board these ideas is at the moment doubtful, but Kirkby Times is looking 10 years down the line and seeing regret from the Council as other areas move ahead and leave us behind. We should follow the Dutch example and legalise prostitution.

There will be more articles on this and if anyone has any ideas then do email at the usual address.

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