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Maggie Thatcher, Mark Thatcher, Milk Snatcher, Arms Seller?

Maggie, Mark and general Pinochet, PW Botha, Tony Blair and Robert Mugabe sit around a Thatcher and Son arms Stall

Kirkby Times recently blew the whistle on the middle class crime wave in the UK, but often the middle classes don't need to commit 'crime' and just do 'legal' things like accumulate fortunes ripping off the British taxpayer with slick and cunning financial tax manoeuvring (which depletes us of billions each annum) or that other great 'trade', the old Arms trade. Whilst selling a few AK47's to the local community would get you or I nicked and banged up, for the big arms dealers and middle men, they have offloaded enough arms to fuel wars, yet are praised as being 'good for the economy'. We praise arms dealers despite the fact that British Troops will at some point be taking on the Countries which we, in our wisdom, allowed the arms dealers to 'tool up'. Now, with the news of Mark Thatcher being nicked in South Africa, plus the re-emergence of the massive amount of information which points to his being for suspected arms dealing, plus a planeload of mercenaries waiting in jail in Equatorial Guinea, it seems that old Maggie will be most upset. News like this could finish her off, which means party time for the working class. Kirkby Times makes no apologies for the less than respectful attitude shown to Thatcherism here on this website. Most working class people will be glad when the old cow kicks the bucket.

Not Nice Plus Dim

Mark Thatcher was so dim he could only manage a few o levels in a top public school, even the worse of the worse in Kirkbys schools would likely be picking up a hatful of o levels if they had a decent education. Intensive tutoring perhaps led his two brain cells to bang together and create the few tiny grains of intelligence needed to be able to sign cheques.

But how come someone who would struggle to collect the trolleys in a supermarket can accumulate a massive fortune of £60 Million pounds?

Mummies Boy.

Mark, carrying with him the obvious approval of his mummy, the notorious "Iron Lady", became an unofficial roaming salesman for British arms companies. A bit like the Richard Branson of the arms trade, though to be fair, as daft as Richard Branson may act, at least his fortune is not built on death and nor did he tag along after his mummy to sell his records. Virgin Record Stores don't do a 'good deal' on a gross of stinger missiles to the Arabs, or Iraqis. Thatcher's spawn became a middleman who was ideally placed to get the British arms export industry accountants smiling with delights as the innocent's spilt blood and mounted up in death piles. Mark Thatcher earned himself millions in commissions, in particular dealing with Countries like Saudi Arabia. This disgusting trade, whilst it profits the likes of Thatcher and shores up dictators, is one that should surely be abolished. It is ironic that Maggie Thatcher, the supposed Patriot, would allow her son to sell arms to Countries which are now using those arms to kill British troops.

Mark Thatcher's contacts

Being son of the Prime Minister meant that Mark could tag along and meet the various dignitaries and suchlike of other Countries. His mum, the Satanic Highness herself, would sweet-talk the depraved corrupt Saudi Rulers and hug and kiss the dirty disgusting evil murdering dictator Pinochet, whilst Mark could presumably read from a prepared script which went something like "I have a few friends in the arms trade" Its just like fronting for a drugs cartel, only there's no danger of being nicked, or there never used to be! He associated with arms dealers and mercenary organisers, and his fortune came from his middle man position, just 'being there' as it were. Right man, right place, right time. People need arms to kill, you're English and selling arms is one of our biggest export industries. Chile is alleged to be one place he dealt with.There is a case of a MI6 officer being unlawfully killed there, with links to suggest that Thatcher may have had a connection. Don't sue the messenger. You can see that news here and here (Details of some of these allegations are contained in the Profits of War: Inside the Secret US-Israeli Arms Network by the former MOSSAD agent Ari Ben-Manashe (Sheridan Square Press, New York, 1992).

"It is now known that British firms supplied weapons to both Iran and Iraq in the 1980s by the simple device of sending them to intermediary countries, which then re-exported them. The British company BMARC, of which former Tory minister Jonathan Aitken was a director, supplied hundreds of light naval guns to Singapore -- a country not renowned for the huge size of its navy. Those guns found their way to Iran.

Favourite staging posts for Iraq-bound weapons were Oman and Jordan. In 1986 Swedish Customs discovered a European cartel, including British firms, supplying explosives via Jordan."
Above From the Australian Green Left Weekly online website.

Why, we may ask, are we running round Iraq like chickens with no heads (no pun intended) looking for 'weapons of mass destruction' when we already have evidence of the Tories being heavily involved in arms dealing to Iraq!

Thatchers alleged 'illness'

Maybe Maggie Thatcher is not as ill as she is making out; we all know Pinochet faked illness to avoid himself being imprisoned for murder, torture and the oppression and degradation and exploitation of the Chilean people. Is it not perhaps a point to actually take onboard? We've seen a succession of rich and political elites basically fake illness to dodge trial and questions and legal comeback. New labours feeble attempts to get Pinochet were later relaxed and abandoned as he claimed to be so ill he could not possibly stand trial. New labour chose not to investigate too much the duplicity of our own Government in allowing arms deals to go on unhindered and by our creating 'rogue states', England itself, by its arms dealing to Countries, is a rogue state, with little accountability to its own people.

The receipts

If we want to know if Iraq has any weapons of mass destruction, maybe we should ask Mark Thatcher and the rest of the arms dealers to look through there receipts.

For all we know, the lads now in Basra may well have a English or American armour piercing shell hitting them, or maybe the next European terror attack will be done with chemicals or biological agents made in Porton Down. That's a place in Wiltshire which has likely made enough chemical weapons to poison the entire planet, certainly to kill every man woman and child in the UK. Iraq and Iran had contests with these weapons.

Why are we seeing our own people killed by the arms that we have produced?

Should we be selling weapons to other Countries in this day and age when those very same arms may be used against us? Or should we simply produce our own weapons to defend ourselves and our own shores?

Readers comments: Some comments to maggiethatchersdead.co.uk, from an Irish reader,...

"Murder is a crime. Carrying explosives is a crime. Maiming is a crime. It must stay a crime in the ordinary sense of the word. Murder is murder is murder. It is not, and never can be, a political crime. So there is no question of political status." So said Thatcher during the Hunger Strike of 1980. The subsequent Hunger Strike of 1981 saw 10 men including an elected MP die for political status and to criminalize Thatcher.

I hope following Mark Thatcher's trial (let us give him the presumption of innocence) and conviction that where ever he is incarcerated he never has to endure the hell Margaret Thatcher made Irishmen and Women endure in the H-Blocks and Armagh prison in Ireland. Bobby Sands MP, the first Hunger Striker to die in 1981 said "our revenge will be the laughter of our children". We sure as hell are laughing today as the miserable old bag fades and her son is locked up, whilst those she had imprisoned prepare to govern Ireland."

The Irish always have a way with words, but so do us Scousers, the capital of Ireland as it were. Irish people had the British Government shooting them not so long back, we called the IRA 'terrorists' and denied that there was any political motive in what they were doing, despite the fact that every attack by the IRA carried with it a set of demands. You could hardly call the bombing of the Tory Party Conference an act of mindless yobs, the clues to it being a political attack were, well, fairly obvious to people who may not have even had any real interest in politics. Maggie gloated over the deaths of the Irish hunger strikers, but Bobby Sands words would today be accepted by many of the English who were supposedly his 'enemy'. You hope that the laughter of our children will indeed echo around whatever plot of ground the vampire Thatcher is interned in. We will hear the laughter of the Miners, Dockers, the Unemployed, all the Trade Unionists, working class women, prisoners and old men in pubs who remember better days before it got worse then went to the dogs. Scousers will laugh, the Scots, Welsh, Working Class Protestants, Mancs, Brummies, and Geordies. All of us. The laughter will reverberate around the World, to Argentina, Africa and Australia, were thousands of good decent English fled the reign of tyranny. Maggie Thatcher ought to be cremated, why wait till she actually croaks some may say! - but it would be fitting if she were burnt in public on a pyre, and her ashes sent to every Country were people remember her and the arms dealers, whose bloody harvest she applauded in the summer of her years and whose son reaped the rewards whilst other spilt blood. May she rot in hell for her sins.

man pees on maggies grave

Maggie Thatcher herself should be arrested, but we all know that the War Criminal Blair would be making a noose for his own neck and that of his party. We are in some ways looking at the entire mainstream political system beginning to fall apart. Few of us trust these politicians anymore, and the old Tory/Labour 'see saw' political system will come to a stop sooner than we think.

Free Mark Thatcher Campaign?

If Mark Thatcher is jailed in Africa, his reception off the locals inside whatever jail he goes to is likely to be less than welcoming. He should serve any time he may serve in the Country were the crime was committed, in England he'd be on 'easy street', in some open nick were the screws called him 'sir', hoping he'd hire them for bodyguards once he'd served his 6 weeks 'hard time'. He will then see that being in fear of your life is a bad thing, and may perhaps realise that he himself has been responsible for the fear, pain and suffering of countless people through his involvement with the disgusting arms trade. Thatcher can rest assured that the majority of British people will do nothing to help, there will be no support, no calls for justice, no marches like the Nelson Mandela got, none of the Respect that many whites still have for the likes of Steve Biko and other decent good black men who stood up for there community. The odds of seeing British pop stars unite to release a Charity Single called 'Free Mark Thatcher', is not an event that will likely happen For most of us working class people, we welcome the arrest of Mark Thatcher, though in no way does this mean that we think he is guilty. But w e love to open the paper or turn on the radio or check out the internet news on the downfall of the Evil Thatcher Empire. Our appetite for the demise of the old rotten political past will not be sated until we have a veritable feast of the failed wrecked and exposed careers of those who have long rode off the backs of the ordinary decent working class.

Below - The odds of seeing British pop stars unite to release a Charity Single called 'Free Mark Thatcher', is not an event that will likely happen

Mark Thatcher Live Aid gig, with FREE MARK signs and a crowd of thousands

May we pass on our sincerest thanks to the South African police. It's not often we applaud the police, but if they are really tackling crime and prioritising the serious crimes, they are perhaps showing the British police the way to go.

Classic Quotes

Mark's twin sister, Carol Thatcher, told BBC News 24 she was "shocked by the allegations" against her brother but that she had "lived through scandals before"

"My real concern is for my mother because she's in America and I haven't spoken to her and I don't know her reaction and I care about her." Carol Thatcher expresses concern for her mothers health and wonder what her reaction will be. Maybe Maggie said "It's like the time we lost him in the Desert" Mark once got lost in some 'across the sands' rally, despite being the worse driver we'd ever seen displaying a Union Jack in any competitive driving event ever! He was, unfortunately for the rest of the UK, eventually rescued by the RAF. He'd took a wrong turn, his mother had taken one wrong turn after another and now Marks 'wrong turning'; may have led to him to the very real possibility of doing time. Serious time! Jail time that even the hardest lads in Kirkby would definitely worry about.

"If you're in politics you expect to be knifed in the back." Maggie Thatcher ponders back on her years amongst the ranks of vicious in fighting back stabbers and her ever present bitterness at the fact HER OWN PEOPLE stabbed her in the back. Maggies tearful face as she was kicked out of Downing St was a pleasure to behold.

"Lord Nelson! Lord Beaverbrook! Sir Winston Churchill! Sir Anthony Eden! Clement Attlee! Henry Cooper! Lady Diana! Maggie Thatcher - can you hear me, Maggie Thatcher! Your boys took one hell of a beating! Your boys took one hell of a beating!" Bjørge Lillelien the Norwegian sports commentators' legendary excitable upbeat appraisal of England being beat 2-1 by Norway. We could almost imagine the same joyous lines being used if Mark is incarcerated. If that happens, his mother would likely die of shame. (Note: For some light relief, you can amuse fellow workers, job club 'buddies' etc by shouting the above lines out after completing a simple task)

As Ricky Tomlinson once said, "A generation of Scousers will dance on Maggie Thatchers grave" I think there's more than a few of us with our dancing shoes polished and waiting in the old cupboard.

Please join us.

Intelligent people in South Africa here

For When Maggies Dead - Made In Liverpool - Much imitated, even downright ripped off - but THE original and the best anti Maggie Thatcher website. Here!

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