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More Attacks on Buses in Broad Lane

Another report has come in regarding another attack on a Bus in Broad Lane. (20th Jan) This time a golf ball was thrown through a window, it is not certain whether there were any injuries to passengers or the driver. Merseyside Police have responded to the general feeling in the communities on Merseyside by announcing a 'Mobile Prison' which will be sent to various trouble spots, with a 'hotline' being set up so people can 'shop the Yobs'. The mobile nick is affectionately known as 'The tank', a real 'gung ho' in yer face sort of name which summons up visions of some Robocop smashing Yobs off the street. Kirkby Times agrees that there is a need to stop the deplorable amount of anti community crime here but believes 'The Tank' to be little more than a gimmick. Time will tell. The £20'000 used to purchase 'The Tank' would have been better used to purchase zoom lens digital video camcorders.

Mobile Police Station vs. Stationary ones

Norman Bettison, the Chief Constable of Merseyside, announced in local newspaper The Echo that the 'mobile police detention centre' is to be sent to all 6 Police Divisions in Merseyside and from today(tues 21 January 2003) there will be '"firm action" against the anti-social behavior which leaves householders "intimidated and frustrated" on a daily basis.' The 'shop a yob' phone hotline will be published in the Echo tomorrow when the scheme hits South Liverpool for 7 days. The hotline will then change for another area, and the community presumably informed by local media and possibly leafleted in real troublespots. However, the mobile nick, to give it a less glamorous title, is more to do with Police psychology and will have little impact in itself. Anyone arrested could be easily hauled off to the Police Stations which cover each district or division. Surely it would be in the Police's best interests to use the more easily monitored environment of a Police Station to hold these people.

Why have hotlines, what's wrong with 999?

Kirkby Police Station was rumored to be closing down a couple of years back. Locals old enough will remember when the Police Station was the places were local suspects were taken, unless it was a serious crime maybe. Not so long back the Police Station was given some repair work to the windows, roof and inside. What is uncertain is whether the Cells are still operational. Any operation here to arrest the Yobs who are making the community suffer could presumably use the cells to accommodate any numbers. And if you take that argument further you could maybe question why the Police can't just be in the local station in the first place. Also worth thinking about is why the hell the Police need these 'hotlines' when we've long established the easily remembered 999 phone number which, if the Police thought about it, could well serve as a means in which to inform on anti social crime and all crime.

Below,the 'Tank' turns up in Tower Hill. Hold on, it looks like a bit of a mistake!

A justified lack of respect for authority

Whilst Kirkby Times has criticised the Police, it's as well to make the point that the community here has a role to play in policing itself. Kirkby Times has argued for a more community based judicial system. Norman Bettison blames the 'yob culture' in part for 'a lack of respect for Authority' He is right in some respects, because the British People have long seen abuses of power by those in Authority and in many ways Working Class people have long held a healthy disrespect for Authority. However, what we have today is a lack of respect for the community and people in general. When we see our elected politicians robbing the Country blind, what hope have we got of convincing kids here to respect authority?

Parental Responsibility

Norman Bettison does make some valid points, he talks of parental responsibility, this is true enough when the age of some of the kids ranges from 7 to 18 and upwards (and younger). But parental responsibility cannot follow a teenager round the streets. Many kids getting in trouble are from good backgrounds, but there are Parents in Kirkby who sadly do not take these responsibilities as parents seriously. It would be refreshing if Norman Bettison ever raised the issue of the government and Councils responsibility to the children of Kirkby, who are given a third rate education and little in the way of leisure facilities.

Bad Advice from the Chief Constable.

One passage from the Chief Constable contains very dubious and even dangerous advice though, when the following words are offered…… "We want to create an atmosphere where people don't cower behind their net curtains at night. We want them to come out and help us tackle these individuals who are causing such misery" Kirkby Times reported on the vicious stabbing to death of a local man killed outside Kirkby Police Station. He didn't want to cower behind his net curtains as youths tampered with his car outside. But you can read what happened to Frank Green (rip) here and why tackling these individuals is not an option for an unarmed untrained civilian. Besides, even if we defend ourselves, we could well be sharing a cell with Tony Martin.

The Liverpool Echo and 'Human Termites'

The Liverpool Echo themselves had an interesting Editorial which proclaimed 'Cop the Yobs today' and went on to point out that 'a legion' of solutions have been tried to improve the quality of urban life, including 'planting grass and tree's' and renovating derelict properties and hi rise blocks. The Echo doesn't read this website enough! In Kirkby the grass is being ripped up and concreted, the tree's tore down and Hi Rise Blocks neglected by the local Council now Housing Trust. Then the Echo informs us that the Yobs, louts or Thugs are actually 'human termites' who 'eat away at our general will to build confidence. The Echo itself is quick to jump in as the upholder of law and order, cosying up now to Norman Bettison after a brief period of criticism when he first arrived. They also congratulate Norman for his 'perfect follow through' as he seeks to convince parliament to eventually agree to bring in on the spot fines, which parents of under 18 yr olds would be ultimately responsible for. Perhaps the Echo should also look at the higher echelons of Society were the 'termites' have taken over. Whilst the kids doing 100 mph down the streets in stolen cars are dangerous, let's not forget our politicians would give them a gun and send them off to kill for a few barrels of Oil. This may happen if Blair continues to carry on his insane plans to wage war whilst, it's worth noting, our own Country could solve so many problems with the money used.

Below, a real Human Termite, Tory Blair.

Thugs, Yobs, Louts and 'human termites'

Thugs, Yobs, Louts and 'human termites' don't just hang around the corner smashing bus windows. There not all Working Class and from Council Estates. The worse of the bunch, the ones who tore the heart of Kirkby apart and set to openly destroy our community were the Tories, followed by the New Laborites. There's no 'Tank' for them, unfortunately. This isn't excusing the lowlifes here who throw golf balls through bus windows, or other selfish individuals who care little for others.

Feel free to comment on the growing problem of anti community crime. Thanks to all those who've emailed on the subject.

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