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Accident Group: No Future.

Accident Group workers outside Kirkby Job Center

The Accident Group, recently involved in moves to sue Kirkby Times, has folded with the loss of some two and a half thousand jobs. The first staff knew about the decision was in a text message or a phone call on Thursday evening (29 May) which told them not to bother to turn up for work the following day, and also gave staff the news that they would not be paid today, leaving many in great difficulty.

Workers Compensation Scheme

wanna buy a computer?

Staff in Liverpool decided to take their own redundancy payments by taking items from the Accident Group headquarters. Computers were taken as staff realised they were not to be paid. Some staff articulated their desire to meet the Boss of the firm Mark Langford and to say things to him, far worse than what this website has said we bet! The Accident Group workers were filmed outside the headquarters in Speke; workers were being searched on the way out although in the Liverpool office the security was too slow to stop people taking items as 'compensation'.

Mark Langford 'gobsmacked' but has 75 Million Quid to help him recover

Mark Langford started the Accident Group along with his wife Deborah in 1996. He appeared on TV today (30th May 2003) outside his 3 Million Pound mansion in North Rode, Cheshire claiming he was "gobsmacked" that his firm was being put into administration. Langford's fortune is estimated at a massive 75, 000,000 by the Sunday Times (April 2002) but the amount the Accident Group supposedly needed to carry on trading was some 4,000,000. The workers who have no wages this weekend should bear in mind that their boss could perhaps easily have saved the business by reducing his estimated fortune to a mere 71,000,000. Alternatively, the Government should force the Accident group owners to pay redundancy to the workers ASAP. Unfortunately, the Accident Group may well have the law on their side and it's likely there are loopholes enabling bosses to hold onto fortunes whilst the workers are left with nothing. Welcome to British Justice. We bet the accident group workers were not in a Union either - 'don't need one' is the response of many workers today. Think again.

off with their heads!

Part of the reason that the group has failed is that it was forcing insurance premiums up and losing more cases than was comfortable for profit margins. The profits for the Accident group have apparently dropped as they needed to insure each person who was to be involved in legal action. After an initial flood of successful claims, the accident group basically saw the insurance companies become more aggressive in contesting cases and obviously raising insurance cover. Kirkby times warned that the 'sue anything' culture we have imported from the Americans was doing more bad than good.

Hopefully the Accident Group will not now try to sue the webmaster of Kirkby Times. What started as a cheeky slap at the Accident Group turned into the possibility of a long ugly and costly legal affair.

We need to have Sympathies to the workers involved, although this website has had criticism for the groups methods, the fact people have lost jobs this way is sad. No-one likes to see working class people in tears with the prospect of a visit to the Job Centre to sign on next week.

The Curse of Kirkby Times

Note, it's been pointed out that Kirkby times may have some sort of curse for those who try to have a go at it! - so far, Jim Keight has bit the dust, now the Accident group. Maybe this website is just lucky! Maybe honesty does pay in the end!

If any Accident Group Workers happen to read this, good luck and fight back! You lost your job for the sake of 4 Million Pounds, your Boss has an estimated fortune of 75 Million Pounds - if I was you I would be very angry indeed. Are you just going to sit back and take it? As your boss says - "At the end of the day, the buck stops with me. I'm still the chairman. I'm the owner of the company." Get yourself and your work-mates along to Mark Langfords 3 Million Pound mansion in North Rode, Cheshire. Good Luck as always to the workers. To the bosses, all the worse unless your fair.

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